The design of any project starts with a dream. Acra Construction can turn that dream into a reality. From simple to complex, let us put our years of expertise to the test in all aspects of construction. Allow us to assist you in the design of your next project. Together you an Acra Construction can build or construct whatever you can imagine. Let our expert craftsmen build the quality garage or shed you deserve. Allow our experienced crews to install your new driveway or patio. Whatever you may need or want, Acra construction is here to handle it all from start to finish. Quality is not a word stamped on a price tag. It is what every client deserves. Allow us the opportunity to prove how affordable it can be.

Scheduling is essential to every project. In order for a project to run efficiently your project manager schedules each phase. The project manager stays in contact with you letting you know exactly when and what you’re on schedule for, as well as answering any questions you may have.


Room Additions